Homemade Handcrafted Soap

An Elegant, Country Created, line of Soaps and Sundries for your Enjoyment and Pleasure. These Creations Tantalize your Senses, have been perfected through generations of testing, and are handmade with only top Quality Ingredients Buy one of our products today and Treat your Body with the Tenderness that is usually Reserved for Royalty

Handmade Soap is a part of our family's Heritage. Our Soap making ancestors made a weak lye solution from wood ashes, we on the other hand buy lye already made. The history of Soap making originally was discovered after the fats from the animal sacrifices mixed with the ashes of the burnt offerings in the rivers that flowed close to the alters. While the women rubbed and pounded the clothes on the rocks to clean them, they found that if they did their washing near the sacrificial alters that the clothes got much cleaner. Through the years, and generations of testing, comes the handmade soaps and bath & body products we sell today.

Natural Handmade Body Care Products

We are committed to making natural bath & body products that gently yet thoroughly Cleanse and Moisturize. We have always hoped that everyone will discover the truly amazing Benefits of using natural, handmade, Body Care products.

Each batch of handcrafted soap is made the Old Fashioned Way. In small batches that are hand stirred, hand cut, and cured for 4 to 6 weeks before selling. This results in a soap that has a rich, luxurious lather and is gentle, non-drying, and as emollient as possible.

Country Crafted Creations body care products are made from the finest quality food grade oils, known for their moisturizing and skin nourishing qualities, in several carefully selected combinations.

Why Handcrafted Soap

Once you try cold process, handcrafted soap and realize what a difference it makes, you'll be hooked too. Please view our Why Handcrafted Soap page. It's our definition of what the true meaning of handcrafted soap really is, not that melt and pour stuff. In addition we may add herbs, spices, honey, nuts, grains, flowers, tea, pure essential oils and/or high quality fragrance oils (a combination of natural and synthetic fragrances specially formulated for soap making) to the soap. If color is added, it is either natural or FDA approved cosmetic grade colorant.

Most people find they significantly reduce the amount of lotion used when they start using real handcrafted, cold process soap.

Most people with Sensitive Skin find they can use our scented products with good results, but for our customers with especially delicate complexions we also offer unscented products.

Enjoy browsing our handmade soap and assorted, Luxurious, bath & body products

We have added a few simple Recipes for body care products that you can make at home. So dig out the mixing bowl, start the tub with hot water, and slip in and relax, you owe it to yourself!

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We have made every effort to make sure that our ingredients come from reputable growers/manufacturers and are of the Best Quality.
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